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How to Get to Talcottville Falls in Lewis County

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Located in southern Lewis County, Talcottville Falls is one of the most beautiful spots on the edge of the Adirondacks.

Talcottville Falls can be found along Sugar River, which is why it is sometimes known as Sugar River Falls near the community of Boonville.

Before getting too far into this article though, I want to have a brief talk about this waterfall. According to sources I’ve seen online, this waterfall is often listed as either 40 or 60 feet in height. To be honest, this is totally wrong. I’m not sure how you could visit this waterfall and come close to those numbers for the listed heights.

Talcottville Falls in Lewis County New York
Talcottville Falls is very beautiful, but it’s much shorter than many other sources indicate.

The fact is the main drop is around 15 feet tall (20 at the most). There are some small upper drops that can only be seen from a distance that might add a few feet, as well as one just downstream. However, at the ABSOLUTE most, this waterfall is around 25-30 feet tall (adding all the upper and lower drops and going to the high end of my estimates).

That being said, Talcottville Falls is incredibly beautiful and it’s easy to get great views of this waterfall, so it’s well worth taking the time to see. Just don’t trust the height you might see listed on other websites or you’ll be disappointed by this fantastic spot.

When visiting, Talcottville Falls can be viewed from two different spots, both of which are fairly easy to reach.

Talcottville Falls from NY-12D near Boonville NY
The view of Talcottville Falls from the bridge. Note that it is further away than it appears in this photo.

The first is from the NY-12D bridge over Sugar Run. This bridge is several hundred yards downstream of the waterfall but provides a fantastic view of this beautiful spot. This is definitely one of New York’s most beautiful roadside waterfalls.

If you opt to stop on the bridge, use extreme caution. While the views from here are great and the shoulder is quite wide, you are standing along a fairly busy two-lane road.

Only about 0.1 miles south of the bridge over Sugar River is the access point to the base of the falls. This spot isn’t marked at all, but there is a narrow dirt roading heading to the base of the falls.

Trail to Talcottville Falls in the Adirondacks
The trail to Talcottville Falls with the waterfall in the distance.

Your best bet is to park along NY-12D as the road to the base of the falls is very rutted, and there isn’t anywhere to park even if you managed to get your car down there.

The walk from the road to the base of the fall is only about 500 feet and relatively easy. According to a property records search, the trail down is on public property, but the waterfall is on private property, so make sure to stay back a bit from the falls when you visit.

Talcottville Falls in Upstate New York
There is a large flat area near the waterfall that’s perfect for enjoying this spot.

There is a nice flat around near the base of Talcottville Falls from which you can enjoy the waterfall. Depending on water levels, you might also be able to access some of the rocks along the edge of the river.

The riverbed in this area is actually solid rock, which is interesting to see. Keep in mind that the rocks here are quite smooth and can be very slippery when wet. Even if the rocks are dry, still exercise caution around the waterfall.

From the base of the falls, you can really enjoy the beauty of the 15-20 foot main drop of Talcottville Falls. This waterfall is considerably wider than it is tall and spans the entire width of the river.

Sugar River in Talcottville NY
Looking downstream away from the falls.

The water here cascades off the ledges beautifully and crashes down in a series of drops and steps. While this is far from the tallest waterfall in New York, it’s incredibly beautiful and well worth a short stop or driving a bit out of your way to see.

So, the next time you find yourself exploring Lewis County or the southwestern corner of the Adirondacks, make sure to add the beautiful Talcottville Falls to your list of places to see.

How to Get to Talcottville Falls

Trail to Talcottville Falls in Lewis County New York
Park alongside the road and follow this trail to the base of the falls.

Talcottville Falls is located along NY-12D, four miles north of Boonville, New York.

The main parking area for the short hike to the base of the waterfall can be found at the following coordinates: 43.535702, -75.365976. Make sure to park on the western side of the road and respect the private property nearby.

The parking area for the view from the bridge is also on the western side of the road at the following coordinates: 43.538231, -75.366229.

Talcottville Falls itself can be found at the following coordinates: 43.535752, -75.367566.

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