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How to Get to East Jimmy Creek Falls in Hamilton County

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The Adirondacks region is home to many impressive waterfalls. However, some of my favorite waterfalls to visit and photograph are the small spots that few know about. The small waterfall on Jimmy Creek near Wells, NY falls into this category.

Jimmy Creek is a beautiful stream that flows into the Scanadaga River along Route 8 just north of the Route 8 and Route 30 split. This spot is also located less than three miles from the impressive Auger Falls, making it a great spot to check out along with this popular waterfall.

There is one waterfall along this beautiful Adirondack stream, as well as a series of slides and drops that some count as a second waterfall.

Jimmy Creek near Wells NY
Jimmy Creek is an incredibly beautiful stream.

The waterfall here is known as East Jimmy Creek Falls. This is an unofficial name for the creek since it flows into the East Branch of the Sacandaga River, and there is a separate Jimmy Creek to the south that flows into the west branch.

The small waterfall at East Jimmy Creek is roughly 10 feet tall and is located fairly close to the road. However, it can’t be seen from Route 8. In fact, it’s hard enough to see the stream from the roadway.

Trail along Jimmy Creek in Hamilton County NY
The trail up Jimmy Creek is easy to follow.

Jimmy Creek flows under Route 8 in a culvert and empties into the river within feet of the culvert. This is an incredibly scenic area of the river and there are great views from the road as you are driving to and arriving at the parking area for the waterfall.

Parking is located in a small gravel pull-off adjacent to the guardrail on the river side of the road. This area isn’t large but is big enough for a few cars.

From here, cross the road to the opposite guardrail. You should be able to see an overgrown path heading off into the woods on the right side of the Jimmy Creek (if facing upstream). If you can’t find it, head into the woods anyway as the trail is much more obvious once it gets about 15 feet from Route 8.

Route 8 at Jimmy Creek near Wells New York
The trail to East Jimmy Creek Falls is a bit hard to spot from the road but is easy to follow once you are in the woods.

The path along Jimmy Creek is incredibly scenic, and the moss-covered trees and rocks instantly transport you from the busy roadway just a few steps away.

This is definitely a magical spot.

The trail here is unmarked but is easy to follow as it follows the stream. After about 100-200 yards of walking up the stream, you’ll come to the beautiful East Jimmy Creek Falls.

Jimmy Creek Trail in the Adirondacks
The trail is a bit more narrow near the road, but is still easy to follow.

This waterfall is about 10 feet tall and drops into an area filled with large boulders. This, combined with the moss, makes for a very beautiful scene.

If water levels are lower, the waterfall often splits into two streams on either side of a large rock, but on the day I visited, the separation was less noticeable.

While getting to the waterfall is easy, getting to the base would be very challenging due to the steep hillside here. I recommend enjoying this waterfall from above.

East Jimmy Creek Falls near Wells New York
East Jimmy Creek Falls is a small, but very scenic waterfall.

Just upstream and downstream of the waterfall, Jimmy Creek flows through a series of small slides and cascades that continues the beauty of this area. I definitely recommend walking upstream a bit further to enjoy this spot.

Soon after the main waterfall, however, Jimmy Creek levels out. While the trail does continue upstream, it doesn’t appear from looking both while I was there and on topographic maps that there are any more waterfalls further upstream.

Ultimately, East Jimmy Creek Falls is definitely not among the tallest or most impressive waterfalls in New York. However, if you enjoy incredible natural beauty or are looking for a great spot for photography, I definitely recommend checking out this beautiful stream while traveling through Hamilton County.

Getting to East Jimmy Creek Falls

Parking for East Jimmy Creek Falls along Route 8
Park in the gravel area alongside the Sacandaga River.

East Jimmy Creek Falls is located just off of Route 8, about five miles north of Wells, NY. Parking can be found at the following coordinates 1.2 miles northeast of the Route 8/Route 30 split: 43.453352, -74.233758.

There is a small gravel pull-off on the Scanadaga river side of the road. If you are traveling north from Wells or from Auger Falls, you’ll need to do a u-turn to pull into the parking area.

East Jimmy Creek Falls in the Adirondacks of New York
Another view of East Jimmy Creek Falls.

From the parking area, use extreme caution crossing Route 8 as traffic travels fast here and sightlines are a bit limited in this spot.

Once across the road, look for the trail heading into the woods from behind the guardrail on the right side of the stream.

The hike to the waterfall and back is only about 0.1-0.2 miles.

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