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How to Get to Wiscoy Falls in Allegany County, New York

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One of the most popular destinations for waterfall lovers in New York is Letchworth State Park. However, very few know about another great waterfall only 10 minutes south of the park: Wiscoy Falls.

Wiscoy Falls can be found along Wiscoy Creek near Rossburg, New York in Allegany County. While this is a fairly rural area, its location close to the very popular Letchworth State Park means you might not have to go far out of your way to see it.

This waterfall is visible from a bridge over the creek, and it’s one of the most beautiful roadside waterfalls in New York. However, you can’t really stop on the road to enjoy it, so most will want to park when visiting.

A front view of Wiscoy Falls in Allegany County New York
Wiscoy Falls as seen from the bridge over the creek.

There is room for a handful of vehicles on the northern side of the bridge in a small lot at the following coordinates: 42.504889, -78.082333.

Should that lot be full, there is room for one or two cars on the other side of the bridge, but this space is pretty limited, so try to park in the small main lot.

The best view of Wiscoy Falls is from the Route 27 bridge over the creek. There is a shoulder here, but it’s not super wide, so if you opt to head out onto the bridge, use extreme caution.

The bridge over Wiscoy Creek in Allegany County NY
The bridge over Wiscoy Creek.

From the middle of the bridge, you can see a series of drops along the creek. These are in three groups and get larger as you look upstream (see the photos at the top of the article for this view).

Beyond those, if you look at the correct angle, you can see a dam waterfall about a quarter-mile upstream.

The view from this bridge is truly spectacular, but your better bet might be to simply drive slowly over the bridge to see it than walking out on the narrow shoulder.

Looking downstream on Wiscoy Creek from the bridge in southwestern New York
Looking downstream on Wiscoy Creek from the bridge.

If you want a closer look at the waterfalls, you can also follow a trail on the northern side of the creek (the side with the main parking area) and head upstream along the banks. This land is owned by the local power company, and no signs were present during my visit indicating that you couldn’t access this area, but always respect any “No Trespassing” signs should they pop up.

The trail up the creek is unmarked, but is easy to follow and is relatively flat. That makes it easy to access the different levels of waterfalls along Wiscoy Creek.

Wiscoy Falls in Allegany County NY
One of the waterfalls from the edge of the creek.

If you do hike upstream for a closer look, just make sure to use caution around the water’s edge. The rocks here can be pretty slippery, and a misstep could send you over one of the small waterfalls.

It’s also worth noting that if you continue far enough upstream, don’t get too close to the dam itself. Dams can be very dangerous and swimming or even being on the edge of the water near the dam should be avoided.

Overall, Wiscoy Falls is quite a beautiful spot. It’s not the most majestic waterfall, but if you find yourself exploring the waterfalls in Letchworth State Park or passing through Allegany County, it’s worth a quick stop.

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