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Visiting Halls Mills Covered Bridge in Sullivan County, NY

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Located deep in the Catskills, you’ll find one of New York’s most beautiful covered bridges: Halls Mills Covered Bridge. One of four historic covered bridges in Sullivan County, NY, you’ll definitely want to add this spot to your list if you love these incredible structures.

Unlike the other three historic covered bridges in the county, Halls Mills is not only closed to traffic but also somewhat hidden off of the main road and tucked into a forested area. However, if you know where to look, it’s not difficult to find as it’s just north of Route 55.

A side view of Halls Mills Covered Bridge in Sullivan County NY crossing over the Neversink River
Halls Mills Covered Bridge crosses the Neversink River.

To visit it, you’ll want to head to these coordinates: 41.890917, -74.591056 in Neversink, NY.

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This is a now-closed road along Hunter Road and just off NY-19. At one point in time, this bridge connected these two roads, but the road was rerouted in 1963, and the far end of the bridge now leads into a tree-lined area a bit below NY-19.

There is enough room for a couple of cars to park on this old road. From here a trail of around 150-200 feet leads back to the bridge. For those that can’t walk this distance, you can see the bridge well from the parking area.

The parking area for Halls Mills Covered Bridge in the Catskills of New York
The parking area for Halls Mills Covered Bridge.

Note that there a private property signs near the trail, so make sure to stick to it and the bridge so you don’t accidently trespass.

Construction of Halls Mills Covered Bridge was done by David Benton and James Knight and was completed in 1912 after six years of work. The bridge was built to replace another bridge that stood in roughly the same area that was destroyed by floods.

This is an unpainted bridge, just like the other covered bridges in the county. It also uses a Town truss, which is the system used in the nearby Livingston Manor Covered Bridge and Beaverkill Covered Bridge.

The Neversink River as seens from Halls Mills Covered Bridge in Sullivan County New York
The beautiful Neversink River.

It crosses the Neversink River at quite a scenic spot and is 119 feet long. The bridge’s setting in a forested area at the end of a short trail makes it different from every other covered bridge in New York

Walking across the bridge, I was very impressed with the quality and the beauty of this spot. This bridge is located in a spot of immense natural beauty. I just wish they could have put the electric poles somewhere else to help improve the view a bit.

The lattice work inside Halls Mills Covered Bridge in the Catskill Mountains.
Inside Halls Mills Covered Bridge.

Without a doubt, this bridge is a gem of Sullivan County, and I’m glad to see that it has been preserved and well-maintained even though it’s off the beaten path and hasn’t been used by cars for more than six decades.

If you find yourself exploring the Catskill Mountains and Sullivan County, definitely make a point to stop at this beautiful and historic spot.

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Note: This bridge shouldn’t be confused with Halls Mill Covered Bridge in Bedford County, PA.

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