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How to Get to Delphi Falls in Madison County, New York

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I’ve visited many waterfalls in New York, but few are as impressive or as easy to visit as Delphi Falls. 

Delphi Falls is located in Madison County along the border with Onondaga County and only a 30-minute drive from downtown Syracuse. Even though Delphi Falls technically sits about a thousand feet outside of the Finger Lakes Region, this is a waterfall-rich area with spots like Pratts Falls, Chittenango Falls, and Tinkers Falls only a short drive away.

Delphi Falls is located in the aptly named Delphi Falls County Park, which was opened to the public in August 2018. The two waterfalls in the park can be found on the East Branch of Limestone Creek.

Delphi Falls in Madison County NY
Delphi Falls with Upper Delphi Falls visible in the distance.

For the first five years that the park was open, only the lower of the two falls was accessible to visitors. However, as of the summer of 2023, a path to the top of the upper waterfall was completed.

Even with the new path, however, the lower waterfall, which I’ll refer to simply as Delphi Falls, is much easier to reach and the only one of the two that is handicap accessible.

Child sitting on railing at Delphi Falls Park in New York
Delphi Falls is a great spot for everyone to explore.

Delphi Falls is estimated to be 65 feet tall, and while it’s far from the tallest waterfall in the region, it’s an incredibly impressive spot. The shape and color of the underlying rocks make this beautiful waterfall and one that looks great in photos.

Upper Delphi Falls sits several hundred feet upstream and is around 50 feet in height. Unfortunately, views of this beautiful waterfall are fairly limited even from the new trail as there are some large trees between the viewing area and the waterfall.

Delphi Falls in Madison County NY
Delphi Falls has been open to the public since August 2018.

While the new trail is quite nice, I do wish they had either trimmed back the trees around the waterfall or created a viewing area closer to its base (or both!).

Because of this, the lower waterfall is definitely the most impressive of the two to see.

How to Get to Delphi Falls Park

New Parking area for Delphi Falls Park in Madison County NY
The parking area for Delphi Falls was completed in mid-2023.

In the first few years of operation at Delphi Falls County Park, there was a small parking area located just steps from Delphi Falls.

When the new trail opened in mid-2023, a new parking area also opened that has room for a significantly larger number of cars. This parking area maintains handicapped-accessible access to the lower waterfall, though it is a little bit further away from it.

This parking area can be found along Cardner Road in Delphi Falls, NY at the following coordinates: 42.867083, -75.902028.

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Upper Delphi Falls seen through the trees in Central New York
Upper Delphi Falls as seen from the main viewing area.

If you want to see Upper Delphi Falls, the best view can be had from the first designated viewing area, which is down a set of stairs from the main path. The views from here are quite nice despite some trees being in the way.

Continuing further along the main path will bring you to its end at a viewing area atop Upper Delphi Falls. This is a nice view of the stream and the gorge carved by the waterfall, but the views of the actual drop are limited from here.

The view of the crest of Upper Delphi Falls from the last viewing area.
The view of the crest of Upper Delphi Falls from the last viewing area.

Overall, this new path that was opened in the summer of 2023 is an excellent addition to the park. And while the stairs mean it’s not handicapped-accessible, the path is a relatively easy hike otherwise, so it can be completed by most.

It’s worth noting that, like most waterfalls, Delphi Falls County Park is best visited in the spring or after a heavy rain. While it doesn’t appear these waterfalls dry up in the late summer, the flow does get a lot lower and the waterfalls don’t look as pretty in my opinion.

Viewing area on the trail to the upper waterfall at Delphi Falls County Park in Madison County New York
One of the viewing areas along the trail.

Overall, while I’m excited to see all of the updates to the park completed in 2024, in the meantime, Delphi Falls is still an incredible spot to visit if you find yourself wanting to explore the natural beauty of this corner of Upstate New York.

Even better, the waterfall’s location near several other impressive waterfalls makes this a great road-tripping spot for those looking to enjoy some of the best waterfalls in New York.

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